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Monday, July 18, 2011


Genevieve left her new client with a magazine and cup of coffee and walked to the front of the salon. She wasn’t about to leave Irish with her crazy ex, nor was she about to allow Dominic to think he could come waltzing into her place of work threatening and intimidating her whenever he pleased.
Miguel watched Genevieve with interest. Not only did he think she was smoking hot in her short skirt and see through blouse, but she intrigued him. In the few minutes he’d spent around her, she came across with sexy confidence and girlish naivety all in the same package. He liked the fact that she was complex yet vulnerable.
            Miguel had always found it easy to peg people. He had a nose for it, which he considered a gift. When it came to women, he knew what he liked and what he wanted, and when he found it, he got it. So far that instinct had proven right. Although he hadn’t met who he considered ‘the one’, he knew he would when he was ready. He didn’t let little things like waiting for Ms. Right bother him. 
At least the string of relationships he’d had in recent years were successful. They were happy times that ended well when they needed to end. What more could a guy want? Sometimes his current girlfriends found it difficult to put up with the long list of ex’s he kept in touch with. They became jealous of the close friendships he had with them, although he couldn’t understand why. Women! Miguel found it difficult not to remain friends with those he cared about, but once he was finished with a relationship, it was over. There was no waffling, no second guessing. Once Miguel made a decision, it was final.
            Genevieve stood beside Liam, hands on her hips, and glared at Dominic.
            “Dominic, what are you doing here?”
            “I love it when you call me by my first name.”
            “Instead of calling you ‘piece of shit’? But that wasn’t the question. What are you doing here? Can’t you see we’re working?”
            “I didn’t come to see him,” Dominic gestured toward Liam. “I came for you, baby.”
            “I’m working. I’m busy. Stop harassing me or I’ll call the police.”
            “Oh, c’mon sweetheart. You don’t want to go and do that. Dominic wouldn’t be very happy with you if you did, and you don’t want to make Dominic unhappy now, would you?”
            “Fuck off, Dom. You don’t scare me. If you keep hassling me I will call the police. Don’t push me.”
            Irritated, Dominic shifted on his feet and looked around. He was not at all pleased with his reception. He had expected more from Genevieve. He had expected her to succumb to his charm and good looks, just like she’d done in the past. Instead, she stood her ground. Liam Irish kept his nose in his book. If Genevieve needed him, he would of course come to her aid, but he hoped it wouldn’t come to that. He was not a fighting man. Oh, he had been, in his hey-day, but that was long ago, and he meant to keep it that way. He was used to thugs like Dominic, low-life insecure men who puffed up their chests and acted like big shots at other people’s expense. Liam was so tired of that – so done. But he wasn’t stupid. Liam knew enough that if, in any way, he irritated creeps like that, life could get ugly for him or anyone associated with him. He planned to stay out of it, whatever it was. Liam just wanted a quiet life, to do his own thing and not cross anybody’s path. That way, nobody would cross his.
            “Alright smartass,” Dominic said with sharpness to his voice. “Get your tight little butt back to work, but I’ll be back, you can count on it. You’re mine, and don’t you forget it.”
            With that, Dominic charged out the front door of the salon, hopped into the waiting Porsche Cayenne, and sped off.
            “What does he mean I’m his? How stupid does he think I am?”
            “Honey, he’s just power tripping. Now get to work. That man in the back is a new client. Shame on you for leaving him there for so long. First impressions, darling, first impressions.”
            Genevieve gave Liam a sly grin. “Don’t worry, darling, he’s in the bag,”
            Liam watched as Genevieve headed to the back of the salon. By her saunter, he knew what she was aiming for. Taking off his glasses and setting down his pen, he grabbed his cap and stepped out into the Miami sun. He needed to walk off some stress, maybe grab a bite to eat. Whatever it was, he needed to get out of the salon for awhile.
            On seeing Liam leave, Genevieve made her move. She’d already felt the vibe from Miguel so following up was a no-brainer. Pretending to get her cutting scissors, she went back up front and locked the door, knowing there were no clients till 2 pm. Before he knew what hit him, Miguel had a sexy Genevieve straddling him in the barber chair. She had hitched her skirt up to her waist and placed Miguel’s palms on her almost bare butt. He squeezed, softly at first, them more firmly. Genevieve responded with a soft moan, which encouraged Miguel to continue. She lifted his t-shirt over his head and proceeded to kiss him – his forehead, eyelids, cheeks, then down to his warm, smooth neck and the crevice of his shoulder that was soft and sweet. In return, he kneaded her buttocks, feeling the warm wetness through her thin panties. Is this for real? he thought, now grabbing Genevieve’s face in his hands and thrusting his tongue impatiently into her mouth. She responded with pleasure, returning his eagerness by sucking hard. Before either of them knew it, their clothes were off and they were gripped by passionate sex, on the chair, then on the counter, scissors and hair brushes flying, then on to the floor. Not a care in the world, nothing could stop this heated infatuation. Miguel came down on Genevieve in the middle of the salon, making her squirm and scream for more. He wasn’t finished after her first orgasm. He went for two, pleasuring her more than she had ever been pleasured before. Miguel could hardly contain himself, as he held back with each of her orgasms, which was intensely erotic for him. Finally, satisfied and spent, Genevieve rolled on top of him sensually caressing his body. As she worked her way down, down to his erect and waiting member, his body quivered with restrained enjoyment. He was ready. Her tongue worked the final magic as she twirled and sucked and teased him into a place where he cried out for her to stop. That was when she licked more fervently, and he came in a sudden burst of elation.
            Miguel flopped down beside an exhausted but contented Genevieve. Their moist bodies clung together happily, their appetites whetted. Miguel leaned up on his elbow and looked down at his new hair stylist with interest.
            “So, do you always introduce yourself this way to new clients?”
            Before she could answer, the front door opened and in walked Liam Irish.

...stay tuned...Chapter 3 will be posted next Tuesday, July 26th...

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Maddy, you are leaving me in suspense! This is so juicy! Love the chemistry between Genevieve and Miguel!





Thank you, GB, King of collaboration!


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